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Cow Ghee

Cow Ghee

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The Ghee made from the milk of the native cows of India, is not just sacred, but loved universally by all Indians. No cuisine can truly be made without Ghee and No Ghee compares with Cow Ghee in flavour and aroma. Taking into account the sensibilities of all food connoisseurs, Hektapy is proud to present Hektapy Cow Ghee, sourced exclusively from a reputed Goshala in Madhya Pradesh; where the cows are predominantly native breeds, where care and hygiene are of required standards and milk is collected, turned to curd, butter extracted, stored and then boiled to Ghee in the artisanal way, the same way Ghee was prepared since millennia in this sub-continent. Hektapy Cow Ghee is guaranteed for purity by Hektapy and Basani Agro Innovations. Taste it, It’s Divine!

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